Allergy Department

If one were to summarize the philosophy of the Eye & Ear Clinic Allergy Department, it would be: "Patient Friendly."

Established in 1952, our allergy department believes that, when allergy shots are prescribed by our Board Certified Physician, the patient should be able to receive their shots on a day and time that they find convenient. Therefore, our well-trained and experienced nurses administer shots every weekday that the Eye & Ear Clinic is open - typically from 8:00am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

An ENT physician meets with a patient who is suffering from allergy related symptoms during a scheduled examination. The physician and nurse will take a complete history and discuss the patient's chief complaints. Should the physician feel that allergy testing is appropriate (typically for patients suffering from inhalant allergies related to trees, grasses, weeds, house dust, molds, and animal dander native to our area), the patient will be scheduled for two, 1-hour appointments on separate days. Since our practice performs SET testing (Serial Endpoint Titration), the testing is done intra-dermally (under the top layer of skin).

Upon receiving the testing results, the physician will review results and make treatment recommendations.

If the patient and physician agree that immunotherapy (allergy shots) will likely help the patient, the patient will be sent over to one of our allergy nurses to start the shot program, which will begin with the mixing of the specific antigens recommended by the physician. After the patient's vial is completed (about one week, depending upon the next mixing day), the injection program can begin.

Typically, a patient will be on a shot program from two to five years, although the physician and patient will work together to determine the length of time that the shots are medically necessary.

As an added patient service (and at no additional charge), our nurses help to educate each patient on how they can improve their surrounding areas in order to reduce their contact with the particular cause(s) of their allergy problems. They also have printed material, which may also prove of value to our patients.

As stated previously, our nurses are available during regular business hours to administer your injections. However, local patients do have the option, if their insurance dictates that their primary care physician administers their shots, we can arrange for the vial to be kept with their designated physician. Of course, if you live out of the Wenatchee area, you can also have shots provided by your local primary care physician.

As you can see, we attempt to make the benefits of a quality allergy program as easy as possible for our patients.

If you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment, please call our office during normal business hours at (509) 662-7143.