Total Eye Care

Since 1953, the Eye & Ear Clinic has served our community by providing complete general ophthalmology services.

Most eye problems are preventable or correctable if detected early. These diseases, which most often occur after the age of 40, can usually be detected through regular eye exams. Our Board Certified Ophthalmologists:

  • Perform routine eye exams on children and adults
  • Diagnose and remove cataracts, using the most current and accepted surgical protocols
  • Diagnose and treat glaucoma
  • Perform laser retinal surgery
  • Remove foreign bodies from the eye
  • Treat emergency eye problems in the office and/or at Central Washington Hospital or Mid-Valley Hospital.
  • Work with specialists within the Eye & Ear, within our community, and with the University of Washington

We are contracted with most insurance plans available in North Central Washington. Please see "Billing and Insurance" for a partial list of the insurance products we accept. Of course, if you do not have eye care benefits, our billing department will be happy to work with you on a mutually acceptable payment program.