Hearing Aids, Assistive Listening Devices, and Other Hearing Issues

The Eye & Ear Clinic Advantages

The Eye & Ear Clinic believes in a Medical Team Approach to evaluate and address hearing loss for our patients including the use of family counseling, the fitting of hearing aids, and use of assistive listening devices.

Our audiologists will work with the patient and the patient's family to explain what particular hearing problems the patient is experiencing, as well as the type(s) of assistive listening devices that will best serve their needs.

Here is what to expect when making an appointment with us:

Hearing aid evaluation:
Hearing aids are just one of the options for hearing rehabilitation. During a hearing aid evaluation our Audiologists will ask you questions about your hearing abilities in a variety of environments. Some of these questions are:

  • Do you experience communication difficulties in situations when speaking with one other person?
  • Do you experience communication difficulties when you are in a noisy environment?
  • Do you feel that any difficulty with your hearing negatively affects or hampers your personal or social life?

We use the results of the hearing test, the questionnaires and your history to develop a personal hearing improvement plan. Your plan will include:

  • An assessment of your communication needs
  • A technology recommendation to help improve your ability to communicate in difficult listening situations
  • Counseling of communication strategies
  • A follow-up to make sure the recommended strategies are working for you.

Hearing Aid Fitting:
The hearing aid fitting is an hour appointment dedicated to programming the hearing aid to your specific hearing loss, taking measurements to verify the hearing aid is giving you the appropriate amount of amplification, and orientation to the hearing aid and its use.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled 2-3 weeks after the hearing aid fitting. This allows you time at home and in a variety of environments to evaluate the benefit the hearing aid is giving you. At the follow-up appointment the Audiologist can answer any questions you may have and make additional programming changes if needed.

We recommend that you come back for additional follow-up appointments every 6 months to a year. This allows us to test the hearing aid to make sure it is functioning at its optimal level. We will also check your hearing to make sure your hearing has not changed since your initial visit.

Trial period:
We offer a 90 day trial period for all hearing aid fittings. If you are unhappy with your hearing aids or do not feel that they are benefiting you, we can exchange the hearing aids for a different style, or you can return your hearing aids within the 90 day trial period.

Hearing aid accessories:
There are a variety of accessories that can connect to your hearing aids. There is a remote control, a Bluetooth device to connect to your cell phone, a device that connects your TV to your hearing aids, and many more. These are a great way to enhance your listening experience with your hearing aids.

Hearing aid service and cleaning:
We offer a walk-in time for hearing aid cleaning and repairs Monday-Friday 12:30-1:30pm. Service is on a first-come, first-severed basis.

We are more than glad to service or clean your hearing aids purchased at a different facility. We service Widex, Phonak, Unitron, and Starkey hearing aids.